Transportation Fuels

Energy at a Glance: Ethanol and Biodiesel

When one accounts for the decline in vehicle fuel economy from using biofuels and their various negative environmental impacts, it seems reliance on biofuel may provide fewer benefits than claimed by its proponents. Accounting for its effects on fuel economy, air quality, and food prices, biofuels likely produce net harms on balance.

Grid-Scale Electricity

Energy at a Glance: Biomass

Although it may make sense to get as much use out of timber scraps and garbage as possible, growing trees with the intent of using them strictly for densified biomass fuel
does not make sense over the short- or long-term.

Other Fuel and Energy

Energy at a Glance: Fracking for Oil and Natural Gas

Hydraulic fracturing, aka “fracking,” is a method for recovering oil and gas from unconventional fossil fuel reservoirs. It involves creating fissures in a rock formation in order to stimulate oil or gas movement through a reservoir that may otherwise have been difficult to extract fluids from.